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Our Mission

To grow presence in partnership with several manufacturing companies, offer multiple products and services which include import and export of general goods, merchandise, pre finance, project finance of infrastructure projects, uniquely specialized in projects finance of infrastructure projects, project funding, private loans, bank instruments and bank trading platform, project finance & commodities finance, funding public and private infrastructure projects, construction hospitals, buildings, tourism’s, roads, estate projects, energy & power, petroleum & finance, social infrastructure, including transportation, telecommunications, mining and oil & gas, education, health, work and housing, industrial, private placement program, building oil refinery etc. shipping, delivery, freight forwarding, customs clearance, projects forwarding, break bulk, warehousing, consulting, and finance engineering; Bitumen, PVC, Marine and Rigging Supplies.

Hospital Equipment’s. Surgical Instruments. Pharmaceuticals. General Fertilizer Productions, Concrete Mixes Machinery’s, Rope Making Machinery in African Market.